How my blogging journey started

I never used to be what our generation called “Kikay” or “Pa-girl”. I preferred being low-maintenance, that’s it. I even used to dress like a boy. Am actually still a bit boyish. But taste for clothing and preference on skincare has slowly changed, particularly these recent years. Signs of aging? Maybe.

Didn’t really like the hassle of staying with a skincare routine so I barely exerted any effort on it. I found it troublesome. As for makeup, wearing it made me feel uncomfortable, it’s unnatural and awkward.

The irony though, is that I’ve always been fascinated with skincare, makeup and beauty experts. I admired people with smooth glowing skin. I loved sketching and playing with colors when I was a kid, so to me, putting makeup on is art. Makeup and tools with your skin as your canvas. It amazed me how beauty pros created and rocked those looks.

I used to play with my mom’s makeup and lipsticks, including her perfumes. Although I didn’t use the perfume on me, but on the house as an air freshener. (Ooops! Haha!) During those special occasions when I would need to wear makeup and someone would apply them on me, I was intently watching how my face slowly showed some color. I’m not an expert on any of these, but I’m trying to learn what I can, apply and share them.

When I started working, I was required to wear a little make up, at least some powder and blush, just to give a little hint of color. I was pale and thin, probably looked malnourished to my superiors. I started to become more aware of what’s out there. I found it exciting to look around shops, and setting aside budget so I can make occasional purchases.

It’s funny how times have changed. This is the same for my sister and cousins. We now talk about girly stuff. Haha! And look at me now, always on the lookout for skincare and makeup, posting photos and writing about them. I decided to create a blog because there are thoughts and reviews/feedback I want to share, that I feel would be too long for an FB or IG post. I didn’t want to flood my wall and my friends’ feeds. Also, to have the option to categorize the posts for easy reference. I love how my husband is so supportive of this venture. 😀

There will also be posts other than skincare and makeup. This is going to be my outlet for thoughts, ideas and experiences. 😉 I’m new to this and sure to make lots of mistakes. Thank you for bearing with me as I make my blogging journey.

Yours truly,


6 thoughts on “How my blogging journey started

  1. Sounds a lot like my Girlfriend, a pale Tomboy who didn’t have much interest in beauty/fashion, but recently she’s branched out in makeup, looking at new clothes, and even attended a fashion show! So, maybe like you say, it’s a symptom of getting older! haha.

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