Lip Balm and Lip Butter: 2016 Favorites | Quick Review

If I remember correctly, lip balm was the very first cosmetic product I bought for myself. Since then, I made sure to have at least one with me whenever I go. Right now, I have one in my bag and two on my work desk.

I’m sharing with you my three current favorites.


 Carmex Strawberry Click Stick SPF 15.  I first encountered this from the July 2015 BDJ Box I got, and I’ve finished a number of tubes since then. Carmex has the Click Stick in Original and Strawberry variants. It has this clicking mechanism that allows you to expose just the right amount of product without it sliding back down when applying the balm on. For me, this is best used during those times that my lips are really dry and chapped. Beeswax seals in moisture, while Camphor and Menthol provides the cool soothing sensation. Then Salicylic Acid aids in exfoliation to give way to smooth and soft lips. I also use this at night before sleeping to have baby lips the following morning.

wp-1484534859908.jpg   Burt’s Bees Wild Cherry Moisturizing Lip Balm.  I’ve heard and read about Burt’s Bees for a while. It’s a known brand that boasts of using natural ingredients. They have a huge selection of lip products; beeswax lip balm, flavored lip balm, tinted lip balm, lip treatment, lip shimmer, lip shine, lip gloss, lip crayon and lipstick. This particular variant of their famous lip balm features Cherry Oil from cold-pressed cherry seed kernels, on top of the natural oils and Vitamin E it contains. It not only smells fruity, but actually tastes a bit sweet and tangy. I swipe it on whenever I want, just because. I’m so looking forward to get my next Burt’s Bees item.


 Zenutrients Strawberry Lip Butter.  This is my first time to try lip butter.  I got a chance to get a full sized product as a free sample from Sample Room. This lip butter comes in a small glass jar and contains 15g. That’s a lot! It looks, smells and tastes like strawberry jam. It may just be me, but there seems to be something off with the scent. Still, I was tempted to try it with whipped cream or cream cheese. Seriously. Initial texture is like any balm. But once you apply it on, it feels like it’s melting from the warmth of your fingers and lips, just like butter. On the label, it says to apply to lips once or twice a week, then wash off with water. However, I was told by @zenutrients (on Instagram) that the instructions were wrong, and to feel free to use it as often as needed. I use this lip butter mostly before putting on lipstick, particularly liquid matte lipstick. You know how drying those are. I apply lip butter on and let it stay for a few minutes while putting on the rest of my makeup. Then bite on to a piece of tissue to remove the lip butter residue. It leaves a pinkish stain and keeps these puckers moisturized.

As you have noticed, I’m not just fond of strawberry or berry flavored lip products. I’m obsessed. Haha! If there are lip balms or lip butter you’d like to suggest or recommend, please let me know. I’d love to try them. 






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