The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum | Review

Hello guys! Just wanted to share with you my very first full-sized #KBeauty product empty. 🤗 It’s The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum. This is the most expensive product I’ve bought so far. I’ve written and posted about this on my Instagram here some time ago.

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It came with a box of The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pads. When I bought this, they had a promo where they give you two The Face Shop The Therapy line deluxe travel sets if you buy the full size of The Therapy First Serum. I was too late and only got 1 set since stocks ran out fast. I’ve emptied the other travel sized items and the only one left is the travel sized First Serum.

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Product Details:

  • This first-step anti-aging serum contains a blend of French Sea Water and natural Essential Oils.
  • First step skin treatment which functions as a 2-in-1 toner and serum that provides powerful toning and hydration, plus a surge of anti-aging treatment.

How to use:

After cleansing, apply using a cotton pad like a toner to deep-cleanse and tone the skin. Then to use as a serum, pump on fingertips and massage onto skin.

For more details on the product, including ingredients, you can also check out I’m so sorry I can’t show you a photo of the product details since I threw the box away a long time ago. I wasn’t into keeping boxes then. Now they’re stacking up. Haha!

I’ve been using this since Sept 2016 as part of my AM and PM routines. I use about 3 pumps on a cotton pad when I use it as a toner. As a serum, 1 pump from the bottle gives just the right amount of product for the whole face. I normally apply it by dispensing 1 pump on my hand and gently spreading and patting on my face with my fingers.

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Pretty and elegant pump with bronze gold finish.
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The graduated bottle is a nice touch. You know exactly how much you’re getting and how much you’ve used.

Serum drops

It’s got a mild floral scent that’s quite calming. Consistency is fluid and little thicker than water, more like an essence.

During the days that I exfoliate, which is once or twice a week, I use the green tea cotton pads to assist with exfoliation. The cotton pads are unscented and made with 100% cotton. One side is coated with finely milled natural Jade Stone and Green Tea Powder. Using the cotton pads gives a refreshing feeling and it really buffs away dead skin cells and impurities.

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cotton pads description
The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pads product description in English and French (right), and Korean (left).
Cotton Pads
Thick cotton pads with finely milled natural Jade Stone and Green Tea Powder on one side.

Overall, it didn’t contribute to the oil production, but it didn’t help reduce it either. My pores are still the same, so no effect there too. Though it really helped improve my skin making it clear, supple and moisturized. With continued use, it also helped even out my skin tone.

Where to Buy:  You can get it from your local The Face Shop boutiques for PHP 1,695.00 or visit if you prefer to get it online.

Would I repurchase?  Probably not at this time coz it’s really over my budget. But if budget permits, I would love to. Also, I would have wanted to explore the other products of The Therapy line, but like I said, not within my budget range as each product in the line cost more than a thousand pesos. 😭

Was this short review helpful? Please give it some ❤. I’m trying out something new and hoping they work out well too. Thank you for reading! 🤗😙


Till next time!

Cris 🙂


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10 thoughts on “The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum | Review

  1. I haven’t try any serum since I am just a newbie to abproducts but hoping to have one (or even just a sample) someday.😇😇😇

    @aboutjeremy is my IG account.😇

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