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Hi everyone! I’m back with another review of Elroel products from StyleKorean Try Me; Review Me: Elroel. Today, it’s the Elroel Big Pang Pang Dot Cushion and Elroel Pang Pang Mini Cushion.



  • Description:
    • Formulated with Hippophaerhamnoides water and Vitamin components, it adds vitality to the skin.
    • It contains 82% of royal jelly and essence ingredients, leaving the skin moist and shiny all day long.
    • This is the best long-lasting cushion with 14 light yellow dots that make the skin luminescent and bright and beige base that covers blemishes.
  • Weight:  Item is 60g and contains 25g of product.
  • Price:  55,000 KRW (about 2,610.79 PHP)
  • Suggested Use:  Apply an adequate amount evenly on the face.
  • Ingredients:  Please see complete list of ingredients on product’s page at StyleKorean.com here.


Packaging:  The white part of the box with lipstick marks is matte, while the lower black part with label is glossy. Aside from the top label and writing at the lower back, everything on the box is in Korean.

The cushion case has similar prints as the box. It’s pretty, very chic and the same size as the Elroel Blanc Pact. It also comes with a mirror that’s 9 cm in diameter.

collage_pang pang dot cushion

The puff has a 7.3 cm diameter, is really soft and has a very fine texture. It absorbs some product but is very easy to clean. I rinse it with water and mild soap, squeeze out excess water with a clean paper towel or cloth, then let it air-dry. But if you’re lazy in washing your puffs (I hope not because hygiene is important), you can buy Elroel puffs from their site at 3,500 KRW (about 165 PHP). Check them out here. You can also try using cheaper alternatives like the ones from Mumuso, but the puff’s texture will definitely be different. I’m not sure how that would affect product application since I haven’t tried Mumuso puffs. I’m not that thrifty, but I’d prefer not to spend extra for a puff so I’d rather wash them.

collage_pang pang dot cushion 2

Scent and Texture:  The cushion is mildly scented, though I can detect a slight acidic smell to it. It’s super moist and has a really dewy finish. If you’re someone who is aiming for that “glass skin”, this can give you that effect.

Application:  Very easy to apply and blend, specially with the help of their wide puff. It doesn’t take too much product and effort to cover the whole face.


collage_pang pang dot cushion face 2

The shade #23 fit my complexion well. It covered the redness, blemishes and pores, which resulted in a smooth dewy skin. You can still see the texture on my skin there but I think that’s normal and makes the look more natural despite the heavy coverage. I’d say it’s full coverage but it wasn’t able to conceal my marks. I guess I need concealer for those. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind them showing that’s why I don’t use concealer. Hehe.

My skin tends to be very oily so I try to avoid makeup with dewy finish. It makes me uncomfortable. But I like using this cushion so I always set it with oil-control finishing powder.




  • Description:
    • It is a mini cushion product that fits easily in a pouch or minibag, so it can be easy to carry anywhere.
    • Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Bifida Ferment Filtrate – Fermentation ingredient nourish the skin.
    • 5 things natural ingredients oil – skin shine and moisturize
  • Weight:  Item is 40g and contains 8g of product.
  • Price:  15,000 KRW (about 708 PHP)
  • Suggested Use:  Apply an adequate amount evenly on the face and then finish by tapping lightly. Reapply as needed.
  • Ingredients:  Please see complete list of ingredients on product’s page at StyleKorean.com here.


Packaging:  Design of the box is just like the Pang Pang Dot Cushion.

Same goes for the design of the compact. Everything is just a lot smaller. It’s cute.

collage_pang pang mini compact

The puff is really tiny that only 2 fingers can fit. Because of that, application was a bit challenging but never a deal-breaker. The puff is also really soft, but not as fine as it’s big counterpart.

collage_pang pang mini compact 2

Scent and Texture:  Scent and texture is the same as the big version, without the yellow dots on the cushion itself.

Results:  The shade #21 is just a tiny bit lighter that #23, but the difference is barely noticeable. The ingredients are different but the coverage is the same.


OVERALL:   The ingredients of these two cushions are different but the main functions remain the same: whitening, wrinkle improvement and UV protection. The mini version is very handy and perfect for traveling or retouches. But I wouldn’t mind bringing the big gun. I just need a bigger bag. Haha! I love that they have SPF 50+ PA+++. Pretty good protection right there. Note that it gave off some white cast with flash photography. They seem to have a pinkish undertone which gave the brightening effect while still blending well with my complexion. FYI, I have neutral, leaning towards warm, skin tone. I would recommend them for normal to dry skin types, and for those who want that dewy finish or glass skin effect. If you’re oily like me but want to use a moist cushion, I suggest to let the cushion set a little longer then dab a little oil-control finishing powder. It will help tone down the dewiness so as not to appear too shiny or oily. Our skin’s oils will come out later on which will make our skin look dewy anyway. 😉 You can also use a good oil-control primer prior to putting on the cushion. Just wanted to share, that using moisturizing products have helped balance my skin’s oil production. Same goes for using moisturizing makeup. You may want to try that too sometime to see how your skin reacts to it.


For reviews of other Elroel products, please check out previous and succeeding posts.



Style Korean Elroel product page – https://www.stylekorean.com/brands/266/elroel

Elroel face makeup product page – http://elroel.com/category/face/64/ (in Korean)


NOTE:  Prices were based on elroel.com. This product was sent to me by @skincarebae in coordination with StyleKorean.com for review purposes. All thoughts are my own and not influenced by the brand or shop.


I hope this review has been helpful to you. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions. I would love to hear them. 🙂

Till next time! 🙂

– Cris

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