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Hey guys and gals! If you’ve recently visited my blog, you’ll see reviews from this brand, Elroel. I got a chance to try them thanks to @skincarebae and @snailycat_, in coordination with Style Korean who regularly holds Try Me; Review Me events. I only knew of the existence of the Elroel brand through Style Korean. But it seems this brand has been raved about because of their amazing products. One of which is the Elroel Camera Ready Cream.

camera ready cream cover


  • Description:  Make-up boosting cream. Moisture Cream + Toning Cream; two formulas are included. When you use them all at once, you will see a pinkish glow from your skin, just like a reflector. This makes skin tone better and makes the skin look good.
  • Size:  40 mL (20 mL moisturizing cream + 20 mL tone up cream)
  • Price:  28,000 KRW (about 1,322.63 PHP)
  • Suggested Use:  Pump the moisture cream and the tone-up cream once for each. Apply to the entire face, then gently tap to finish.
  • Ingredients:  The list of ingredients is in Korean and can be seen on one side of the box or on elroel.com here. You can use Google Translate for this.



Packaging:  The box is basic and clean. It’s matte white with black print and gold lining on the bottom. Everything is in Korean except for the label, brand website, “Made in Korea” print and distributor name.

collage_camera ready cream box

The bottle is a different thing. It’s elegant with it’s frosted glass that has rose gold rims, topped with a clear hard plastic cover. Contents are split into two with separate pumps for each side.

camera ready cream

Batch code and expiration date can be found at the bottom of the container.

camera ready cream 2

Scent and Texture:  The scent seems to be a light combination of musky and floral. It’s very refreshing. Like getting out of a cool shower. The moisturizing cream is opaque white in color with a soft texture while still holding it’s shape. It’s light and gets absorbed into the skin easily. The tone up cream has a creamy baby pink color with a hint of pearly sheen. It’s also soft but more flowy than the moisturizing cream. It felt a bit tacky when mixed together and applied on the skin.

Application:  I mix one pump of the moisturizing cream with one pump of the tone up cream on the back of my hand, blend them together with my fingertip until it’s smooth and even. They blend very easily because the two products were made with the intent to be combined together.

Results:  The Elroel Camera Ready Cream has 3 major functions: moisturizing, whitening and wrinkle improvement. Highlighted ingredients include Hydrolized Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. The moisturizing cream made the skin supple and plump, while the pinkish tone up cream gave that healthy glow to the skin. Together, they made a great pair to prep the skin for makeup. I can also use them individually, or mix them up in different ratios depending on my preference or need. That’s what the separate pumps are for. I normally use them under translucent powder or under powder foundation. I tried it under a cushion and my skin became very dewy, I shone. 😀 It doesn’t have white cast because it doesn’t contain SPF. But I think it’s supposed to reflect light a bit for that dewy effect. The tone up effect is not as drastic as the other tone up creams so it still looked very natural.

OVERALL:  Initially, I wasn’t fond of this product. Aside from being caught up in my amusement of the Elroel Blanc Pact, I found the Camera Ready Cream too rich and dewy for my taste. But the longer I test it out, the more I got used to it. I just needed to find the right mix for my skin. I had to let it stand a bit longer to set though. Otherwise, it’s too moist and seem to make me oil up a bit. Would I repurchase? I still prefer mattifying or oil-controlling primers under makeup since we generally have a hot and humid weather throughout the year. I can do with occasionally using moisturizing makeup and skincare, but at the end of the day, I still go for the oil-controlling ones. But I might consider this for those days when my skin might need that extra boost of moisture balance and glow. This would be good for those living in areas with colder climates and/or best suited for normal to dry skin types.


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NOTE:  This product was sent to me by @skincarebae in coordination with StyleKorean.com for review purposes. All thoughts are my own and not influenced by the brand or shop.


I hope this review has been helpful to you. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions. I would love to hear them. 🙂


Till next time! 🙂

– Cris

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