About Me


I’m currently a work-from-home wife and a mother of doges Mash, Miso and Lightning. Much wow!

Discovering new places to eat, tasting new dishes, trying out products, visiting places (if budget permits); these are the stuff that I look forward to.

I like reading articles relating to product reviews, food and travel. Politics too, because conspiracy theories. Yeah. Isn’t that what girls are good at? Making up conspiracy theories in our heads.

This made me contemplate on creating my own blog. I’m no professional blogger or writer so please bear with me on this.

Why The Bitter gourd Experiment?

Because it sounds weird and intriguing. Was actually considering “ampalaya chronicles”. Hehe.

I consider myself as a weird person. After all these years, I still believe I am. And coincidentally, I got married to a man who thinks of himself to be the same. And now, like how the old saying goes, “A couple that stays weird together, grows fat together.”

Oh? You know another version of that saying? Mine is wrong? My bad.

We try to be as positive as we can as we go through our daily lives. Having this blog, and following and reading other blogs helped me become a bit more positive in life. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The name of my blog site might change in the future, depending on how things will turn out. But for now, I’m gonna keep it as it is.

Please follow me as I slowly fill this up with content that I hope would interest you. I’m very much open to suggestions and feedback. Comment away or send me a message. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s get serious like.

– Cris Albert

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