Working from Home

This is not a “New year, new me” kind of blog. It’s been almost a year since I started working from home and wanted to commemorate that.

I used to be part of the harsh corporate world. Jumping from one company to another trying to find the right company, right boss, less politics, good compensation and benefits, work-life balance, and all that shit. Learning and growing as a professional and individual as years go by, with the realization that you can never have everything.

Then priorities changed.

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How my blogging journey started

I never used to be what our generation called “Kikay” or “Pa-girl”. I preferred being low-maintenance, that’s it. I even used to dress like a boy. Am actually still a bit boyish. But taste for clothing and preference on skincare has slowly changed, particularly these recent years. Signs of aging? Maybe.

Didn’t really like the hassle of staying with a skincare routine so I barely exerted any effort on it. I found it troublesome. As for makeup, wearing it made me feel uncomfortable, it’s unnatural and awkward.

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Some of you may be wondering about my blog’s name. I’ve also been asked why “bitter”. Well, answering that question would be like telling a person’s life story. I may also need books on philosophy and psychology for this. ;p

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I’m a fan of online shops, subscription boxes, Korean skincare and other beauty finds. I always find myself browsing related sites and drooling over their items and special offers. I’m not a makeup junkie, not yet. Haha!

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