Benton Deep Green Tea Tea Lotion | Review

Hello everyone! A few hours left and it’s 2019! Do you have a new year’s resolution? Is that still a thing? Or are they called “goals” now? Terms may vary but I think they’re still one and the same, it’s something we want to achieve in the coming year. Although I’m not here to talk about that.

I’m here to talk about one of Benton’s newest products, the Benton Deep Green Tea Lotion. Products with green tea as one of the featured ingredients have not disappointed me yet so when I learned that Benton was searching for reviewers for their green tea line, I rushed to apply. Hehe. I chose the Deep Green Tea Lotion because it’s more challenging for me to find a moisturizer that would suit my preference and skin condition, compared to when searching for a toner. Without further ado, here’s the product details and review.

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ELROEL Camera Ready Cream Review | StyleKorean Try Me; Review Me: Elroel

Hey guys and gals! If you’ve recently visited my blog, you’ll see reviews from this brand, Elroel. I got a chance to try them thanks to @skincarebae and @snailycat_, in coordination with Style Korean who regularly holds Try Me; Review Me events. I only knew of the existence of the Elroel brand through Style Korean. But it seems this brand has been raved about because of their amazing products. One of which is the Elroel Camera Ready Cream.

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Eleven Huesday Extra Clear Cream | Review

Eleven Huesday sent this product just in time when I was looking for a moisturizer to match our weather as it’s starting to get hot and humid, and everyone else is going out of town over weekends and the holidays for their summer trips. It’s the Eleven Huesday Extra Clear Cream.

Here’s a little background about the brand. Established in 2014, with their base in Gyeonggi-do Korea, Eleven Huesday is a new anti-aging skincare brand that values and studies the natural vitality of skin. They were created under the principle that skin changes can be done by optimizing your skin mechanism, whatever type of skin you have. The role of the routine is to restore the rhythm of the skin. They go through the natural herbal medicine patented ingredients to the latest ingredients of the proven skin care to provide us with the recipe that will make our skin healthier.

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Swanicoco A.C Free A.C Control Care Emulsion | Review

End of November 2017, I published my review of the Swanicoco A.C Free A.C Control Care Skintoner. Today, I’d like to share with you my review of it’s counterpart, the Swanicoco A.C Free A.C Control Care Emulsion. I decided to make a separate review because I wanted to test this out a little longer. Without further ado, here’s the product review.

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Wonder Woman of Pores? | Etude House Wonder Pore | Review

I attended an event some time in May 2017 where there was an Etude House stall with some products up on sale. I was almost out of toner then so I asked for their best seller Wonder Pore Freshner. Unfortunately, they didn’t have stock at that time so I settled for their Wonder Pore Balancing Cream.

I wasn’t disappointed. I was really happy with the product that a week after, I ran to one of their nearby stores and got me the Wonder Pore Freshner to match the cream. I’ve been using the pair since so that’s more than enough time to tell you about my experience. I’ll try to make this short and sweet.

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Innisfree Jeju Bamboo Soothing Gel & Sleeping Pack | Review

I bought this some time in January 2017 from an online shop. My intention was to try skincare products with my husband, look for something that would help him with his skin asthma, while satisfying my curiosity for Korean skincare. Hehe. Trial kits are perfect for this.

My husband already tried visiting a dermatologist and he was just given a prescription for a cream that was marketed by the dermatologist, and quite expensive too. We started searching for more affordable but safe alternatives. Then test it out through trial and error. I like trying products. 😀

I chose Innisfree Jeju Bamboo Special Kit because it claims to gently calm flushed skin and keep irritants at bay. This line is recommended for use on irritated skin due to sun exposure on areas like the face, arms and legs. However, feel free to use as you see fit. In my case, I’ve been using it on my face for about a month now.

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