Eleven Huesday Deeply Control Balancing Toner | Review

I received this product from Eleven Huesday a while back. But due to personal concerns, I became inactive and didn’t post anything on social media and my blog. I’m trying to make up for lost time so here I am posting my long overdue review of the Eleven Huesday Deeply Control Balancing Toner. There’s a short background about the brand on my review of their Extra Clear Cream here.

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Eleven Huesday Extra Clear Cream | Review

Eleven Huesday sent this product just in time when I was looking for a moisturizer to match our weather as it’s starting to get hot and humid, and everyone else is going out of town over weekends and the holidays for their summer trips. It’s the Eleven Huesday Extra Clear Cream.

Here’s a little background about the brand. Established in 2014, with their base in Gyeonggi-do Korea, Eleven Huesday is a new anti-aging skincare brand that values and studies the natural vitality of skin. They were created under the principle that skin changes can be done by optimizing your skin mechanism, whatever type of skin you have. The role of the routine is to restore the rhythm of the skin. They go through the natural herbal medicine patented ingredients to the latest ingredients of the proven skin care to provide us with the recipe that will make our skin healthier.

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